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White Two Button Shawl Tuxedo

The shawl collar is considered to be the most elegant of the variety of lapel types! The elegance really does show when looking at this beautiful white two button shawl tuxedo. The defining feature of this tuxedo is the satin shawl lapel on the coat. Also featuring a 2 button front, satin besom pockets, and fashioned from white polyester, this tuxedois perfect for any special event that may be coming your way! Come on in and get fitted to absolute perfection.

We offer a large selection of high quality designer brand tuxedos at the most competitive prices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This tuxedo is crafted with 100% Tropical Wool and is a Classic Fit and Style tux. It is Single Breasted, 1 Button, Satin Shawl Lapel, and is Non-Vented with Double Satin Besom Pockets.

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