I've never bought a formal dress. Never knew where to go and what not. But the workers at this store made my wedding day memorable!

My original dress from an online company was coming in late due to misunderstanding and miscommunication. Thankfully, Eileen and the other lady was helpful and determined to make me happy. I was able to get a dress altered and a veil made in time for my wedding. They specialize in tuxedos but make and alter the dresses. I'm more than satisfied with my wedding dress because this backup dress ended up being THE ONE. It's beautiful and the workers listened and understood what I was looking for.

I needed a custom embroidery job done in a short time for a bachelor party. Eileen gave a very fair and competitive quote for the custom job and finished on time. I was very satisfied with her work and would recommend her without question.

Friendly and on-time delivery. I can't say that about all the vendors in the Great Mall (T-shirt shop messed up BIG time), but big thumbs up for Tuxedo Wearhouse!

Super friendly group of guys. They know what they're talking about and even offers advice and tips. Definitely coming back to them for my other needs!

My husband bought his tux here for our wedding in September, his tailor was James.

We cannot speak highly enough of the service we received. James was extremely knowledgable and helpful. He fit Shawn into a perfect outfit and was always friendly and extremely professional.

The lady who does the alterations is fantastic and very reasonably priced.

I would recommend anyone looking for a suit or tux to go here and ask for James, he's fabulous.

Extremley friendly and helpful staff. Everyone knows what they're talking about and listen to what you want for your tux. They have a much bigger selection of styles and colors than any other tux place I have checked out. And if you're looking for solid colors this is the place for you because they have a huge selection, (I hate how almost all of men's warehouse's stuff is patterened) but they do have patterend stuff too if you want that instead. They give great deals to students and I have rented from them for the past two proms. I wouldn't recommend coming to get a tux fitted on pick up days right before a prom because the store gets really crowded and it's a bit hectic and youll be waiting for a very long time. But if you come on any other day the store is usually fairly empty and they can get you fitted almost right away.

The owner of the store is an expert and extremly friendly. For our school's charity fashion show he let us borrow several tuxes free of charge as long as all the earnings of the event went to charity. I highly recommend Tuxedo Warehouse for formal events and I will definatly be returning in the future!

I just had the pleasure of renting a suit for a wedding at Tuxedo Wearhouse. To my surprise, I was afforded a great deal of attention by the staff when ordering the suit. There were two fittings and necessary adjustments made just to make sure everything was perfect.

Throughout the process I was treated with a lot of courtesy by every single one of the staff. I felt like I was on Savile Row, such was the level of interest! Couldn't believe it.

Thoroughly recommend this place.

Awesome! Conveniently located right at the mall, I walked in and they immediately helped me find the right bow tie and cumberbund I needed. They also let me do a combination of renting and buying, and it was no hassle! They were definitely friendly as well as knowing the tips and stuff for wearing what I needed.

MJ and James were especially helpful! Be sure to find them when you go in. I'll be coming back if I ever need anything else.

In the midst of wedding planning, I never thought that picking out my groom's attire would be a difficult part. After visiting a few "big name" tux places, I was -pissed off- to put it lightly. These other places wanted upwards of $200 for a high quality rental, and had absolutely nothing in stock for my fiancee to try on. ...Whaaaat?!

Enter: Tuxedo Warehouse. I had low expectations because of previous experiences at tuxedo places. But I was stunned at the high level service here. They understood our (well, mostly my) concerns about picking out tuxes blindly from a catalogue and fabric samples. Not to mention, we were being complicated and wanted a grey tux (which is easier said than done). My fiancee is a slim guy, there are certain styles that are more flattering, you know? And I want him to look and feel amazing on our big day!

They actually ordered in to the store a few styles that we thought he might like, and set up an appointment with us to try everything on -- in his exact size, with all accessories from the shoes, to the pocket square. This made ALL the difference. We picked out a winner, for sure. Not only that, but prices were quite comparable to the "big name" chain stores AND they offered a free tux to the groom -- which we chose to pass on to one of our little guys.

My groom, and the guys of our wedding party will look incredible come July. Tuxedo Warehouse: keep doing what you're doing; you get my highest recommendation.

Dropped off the suits from today's wedding party since they had a day wedding. I was helped by MJ who saw I was struggling to drag in heavy suits into the store. I told him I would come back with two other suits in my car, but he came outside of the mall and grabbed the other two. I ran out but he stopped me to give the receipts and during that time we had a conversation about flowers which turned into Filipino weddings and work. He was really helpful! So if you need someone to go to definitely go to him! Very attentive and really nice 🙂

This review is on behalf of the alterations services. I send all of my image consulting clients (+friends and family) here for any alterations and tailoring that needs to be made on clothing from their existing wardrobes as well as new clothing from personal shopping appointments. They complete 10-20 garments for each of my clients and they all come of out perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased with the service, quality of work, price, and speediness.

I will continue to refer clients to Tuxedo Wearhouse. James and the entire staff is a pleasure to work with. I am 100% satisfied with all of their work. Thank you!