Fabulous Fabrics

One of the most innovative and interesting developments within the fashion industry over the last century is undoubtedly the wide range of fabrics that are now utilized for tuxedos and…

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Wedding Attire
Wedding @ Nella Terra Cellars 8/24/16

Wedding Attire

Whether you are the bride and groom, or simply an invited guest, as far as special occasions go, a wedding is still regarded as one of the most important and…

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How to wear a pocket square
Man in grey suit, plaid texture, blue necktie, flower brooch, and dot pattern handkerchief, close up

How to wear a pocket square

There are a million ways to wear a pocket square. Pocket squares are worn by young hipsters, fashionistas, old school dandies, elegant businessmen, our grandfathers, you, me... The only important…

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Match Your Tie

Matching neckties to shirt and suit. Most men wear a dark gray suit with a white dress shirt – the most common color combination in business. If you are a…

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Fit Tips

Once he's selected the best shape for his figure, here's how to get the perfect fit. Give the retailer time to do it right! This is no time to procrastinate…

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